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Dr. S. Sathiyamoorthy, Conference Chairman - 09443113476
Dr. P. Sahul Hameed, Co-Chairman - 09894112582
Dr. B. Elizabeth Caroline, Secretary - 09489462260
Dr. J. Gnana Jayanthi, Secretary - 09842215861

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Theme Organizers:



Phone No.

Dr. P.D. Sheba Kezia Malarchelvi, HOD,
Dept. of C.S.E.
Theme 1 9629477167
Dr. G. Paulraj, HOD,
Dept. of Prod. Engg.
Theme 2 9865777288
Dr. S. Thayumanavan,HOD,
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Theme 3 9994556557
Dr. A. Josephine Amala, HOD,
Dept. of E.E.E.
Theme 4 9443928934
Dr. Sw. Rajamanoharane, HOD,
Dept. of Management Studies
Theme 5 9994391859


Name of the Conveners

Name of the Committee

Phone No.

Dr. G. Paulraj, HOD,
Dept. of Prod. Engg.
Funding Agencies & Finance 9865777288
Dr. M. Sujaritha,
Dept. of C.S.E.
Communication - On Line 9524969345
Dr. T. Ayyamperummal,
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Delegates Tour Arrangement 9080960496
Dr. R. Pavendan, HOD,
Dept. of Mech. Engg.
Funding Agencies & Finance 9944013323
Dr. M. Sabibullah, HOD,
Dept. of Computer Applications
Editorial 9443592702
Dr. R. Nagarajan, HOD,
Dept. of Mathematics
Certificate 9865827839
Dr. P.K. Manimozhi, HOD,
Dept. of Physics
Communication - Off Line 9842176517
Dr. A. Prabhaharan, HOD,
Dept. of Chemistry
Hall &Seating Arrangement 9843068656
Dr. G. Sathurappa Samy, HOD,
Dept. of English
Compeering 9443950604
Dr. T.Veema Raj,
Dept. of Chemistry
Photo & Video, Power & Audio System 9486287565
Dr. S. Selvandan,
Dept. of Physics
Memento & Conference Kit 9442293693
Dr. S.Boobalan,
Dept. of Chemistry
Photo & Video, Power & Audio System 9940416341
Dept. of Chemistry
Transport 9994763620
Dept. of Chemistry
Transport 9944549026
Dr. S. Kolangikannan,
Dept. of Physics
Banner and Stage Arrangement 8883410038
Dr. C. Hariharan,
Dept. of Physics
Banner and Stage Arrangement 9865447333
Cdr. I. Sharfudeen, HOD,
Dept. of Aeronautical Engg.
Banner and Stage Arrangement 9443773939
Prof. A. Saravanan, HOD,
Dept. of I.T.
Souvenir 9443210585
Prof. K. Dhayalini,
Dept. of E.E.E.
Reception 9952877028
Prof. R. Sumathi,
Dept. of C.S.E
Registration 9940868160
Prof. M. Maheswari,
Dept. of E.C.E.
Technical 8940573868
Prof. M. BanuSundareswari, HOD, Dept. of E.I.E. Design & Printing 9843996077
Prof. K. Thamodaran,
Dept. of Computer Applications
Trade & Exhibition Stall 9443900665
Prof. V. Balasubramaniam,
Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
Catering 9486646392
Prof. S. Sankaran Pillai, HOD,
Dept. of Library
Transport 9443354720
Prof. M. Mahendran, HOD,
Dept. of T&P
Sponsorship, Press and Media 9790014158
Prof. A. Noble Jeba Kumar,
Dept. of English..
Accommodation & Hospitality 9952688838


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